Functional Art for Your Home

About Us

Just Junque started back in 1995 in Mystic, Ct.  We took a little break to get married and have a baby and move to Upstate NY. Now we are back in the swing of things and making art again!  We chose the name JUST JUNQUE before being green became chic.  Our mission is to find things that other people think is "junk" (we call it junque because that sounds classy!) and turn it into something new and unique.  Just Junque is happy to accommodate any and all custom orders.  We can also come into your home to help you design custom rooms.  Just Junque  specializes in faux finishing, children's rooms and teaching you how to use what you have. Just Junque takes things that would otherwise be tossed out and recreates them in new ways.

Do you have an old piece that you think is junque? Give it to us and let us breath new life into it!  We love custom orders! Call  315-685-0837 or email with questions.

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